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Visual Effects and digital education

Art, Photography and Film in our new digital world

During the past 30 years the artist’s world has been turned upside down. Now we have students who do digital photography but have never used photo-chemical materials or processes. We have digital painters who have never held a brush or smelled linseed oil. We have digital filmmakers who have never shot with 16mm or 35mm film stock. We have digital model makers & designers who have never used a real world camera and lenses.

In order to be viable as a paid professional I had to make the transition from the analog techniques of the 20th century to the digital techniques of the 21st century. I think of it as moving from the industrial age to the space age or from Melies to Star Trek.

For 19 years I was able to teach digitally based classes with the advantage of the traditional techniques.

Some of the classes I taught were:

Film History

Matte Painting (History and matte techniques)

Digital Matte  (Matte shot design, painting, compositing, and projection mapping)

Digital Film Production

Digital Audio Video (After Effects, Illustrator, and Audition)

Animation Production Team

Animation Portfolio Production

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